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        Hello, my name is Liza Pirkey. I am a healing practitioner, specializing in Stress Relief Facilitation and Emotional Freedom Technique. I also have been licensed by the SC State Board as an Esthetician since 2007. I have completed training and/or certifications in Mentor Coaching, Reiki I&II and EFT/Tapping.


     In 2013 I completed the Mentor Coach “Foundations” Training Program. In 2015 I became certified in Reiki I & II in the Usui Reiki system. These studies led into a deeper emerging passion for EFT and I have been practicing “tapping” for more than six years now.


     Emotional Freedom Technique has become an over-all preferred modality in my practices. I truly enjoy teaching others to release physical/emotional stress and trauma from the body. Stress management is key in all areas of life and is essential to creating balance. I delight in the works of Louise Hay, implementing positive affirmations and self-love therapy. For fun I incorporate aromatherapy, positive affirmations, chakra reviving, meridian work and colour therapy too! :)

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