These uplifting glasses promote relaxation and openness with awareness. Great to help you speak your truth with confidence.


Color Therapy Glasses have put to practice the most recent knowledge in color therapy. Color Therapy Glasses use the life enforcing principles of the sun’s light for regeneration and strengthening of the body, mind and spirit through the different chakra centers via the correlating glands.


Color Therapy Glasses

Why would I Use Colored Glasses? We receive 90% of our information through our eyes. Therefore, when we wear a certain colored lenses in eyewear, we are able to see and feel the world through that color. Basically, we feed our body the attributes and qualities of that color.


Color therapy glasses can be worn at any time of the day and may even be worn while driving or while using the computer. Use your intuition as to how long you feel like wearing each color. Experiment and learn how each of your chakra centers is alerted wearing the different lens colors.


Remove glasses if feel discomfort or irritated. Red and violet glasses are recommended to be worn for ten minutes.

Turquoise Colour Therapy Glasses